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The aim of this project was to create a table sized device with multiple proximity sensors that can play midi tones. Each sensor had a few LEDs to show hand distance above the table. This table is using touch board from barecoducive and it could be used by one or more persons at once. More details on

Testing new techologies

Android app with the purpose to generate a real-time heat map based on user position. The iBeacon's accuracy is not very precise so we can call it iBeacon heat map beta demo. App allows user to assign colors to iBeacons, set room sizes and choose one of the few approximate methods. The results are still not very satisfactory.

Combining things

Raspberry Pi Model B+ connected to a Owi robotic arm allows us to control it with a keyboard, run saved sequences or using websockets to controll via wifi. And finally using an openCV face detection to follow the user's face movements.

Drill images

This project consists of two parts. First is an android application which communicates via bluetooth with the Lego NXT cube. Second is custom constructed drill-printer from Lego cubes. Merging these two things allows us to drill taken picture from android device.

Small games

LG released a small SDK for developers to access the functions of their circle case. To sum it up, there is a hidden magnet inside the case and a small sensor behind the screen part. So the SDK just provides a receiver for detecting opening/closing of the case.

Different approach

From time to time, everyone has a bunch images of text that they don't want to rotate one by one to their right orientation. Why don't use tesseract to help us?

Not applicable stuff

Using the connection to servo motor allows smartphone to lean the device to sides so smartphone can play the game controlled by accelerometer.

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